I was born in December of 1970 in Ogden Utah. I was exposed to classical music at an early age. At age four I wanted to learn

to play the violin but my parents “didn’t think I would stick with it”.

At age six I saw a TV commercial for a “Kiss” concert and was fascinated by them. Shortly after I got the “Kiss” album

“Rock n Roll Over” and begun my life long passion for “Kiss”. At age 8 I heard “Ace Frehley’s” solo on "Kiss" "AliveII"

and decided I wanted to play guitar.

In the summer of 1982 I spent the night at my cousin’s house and learned to play a song on his guitar. The following

weekend my Dad bought me an acoustic guitar at a flee market. I spent several hours a day playing the one and only

song I knew. In September of that same year I enrolled in a guitar class in junior high school. Later that year my parents

enrolled me in private lessons at a local guitar shop. After three years of group lessons in school and private lessons

I felt I had surpassed my teachers and quit taking lessons.

In 1986 I started first band and began playing gigs in the summer of 1987. Later that year I got my first job as a guitar teacher

at a local guitar store. Later that year I moved teaching to my parent’s home. In 1989 upon graduating from Roy High School,

I received a scholarship to “The University of The Arts” in Phoenix AZ, but was unable to attend.

In the past 20 years I have played in many local and national groups and have performed hundreds of live shows.

I have played on three albums and continue to perform locally and nationally. I have had top placement in several local and

international guitar contests and have taught at several different music stores in the Ogden area and established

“GOT CHOPS? Guitar Services” in 2007, where I have been teaching as my full time occupation ever since.



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