GOT CHOPS?™ Guitar Services is a State of Utah licensed 6116 School of Instruction. In house original curriculum that is custom tailored to the individual. Over 25 years experience in; sight reading, chord construction, picking technique, finger style, ear training, improvisation, composition, performance, etc… All styles and genres taught; rock, pop, country, metal, blues, classical, etc… Guitar or Bass. I have had students as young as 5 and as old as 70. Everyone is different, there is no “one size fits all” method for learning the guitar, it’s your lesson, learn what you want to learn!   

Guitar lessons: 1/2 hour, once a week @ $20.00 per lesson.
4 weeks in a month: $80.00
5 weeks in a month: $100.00
Payment is due at the first of each month for the whole month.
***$5.00 per week for late payments***

ALL PAYMENTS MUST BE RECEIVED NO LATER THAN THE TENTH OF THE MONTH, REGARDLESS IF YOU MISS THE FIRST LESSON OF THE MONTH. Payments can be made online with either Paypal or Major Credit Card. Payment tab is on the left top of Home Page Note: there is a $3.00 convenience fee added to the price of the months worth of lessons, so either $83 or $103

Guitar Lesson Payment Policy

As a teacher I take great pride in providing quality lessons at a fair price. Doing this requires a lot of time for preparation. Time that is outside of the 30 minutes spent with a student. There are expenses included in the price of a lesson. On time payment is essential for the running of this business and my livelihood. I DO NOT PAY FOR CANCELLED LESSONS. I understand that unforeseen circumstances occur that could prevent you from making to your lesson, but it is up to my discretion to give credit for missed lessons. 24 hour in advance cancellation will be given opportunity for a make up lesson during an available time slot. I will always give credit if I have to cancel.   


Thank you, Darrin, GOT CHOPS?™ Guitar Services

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