Darrin's teaching method is very easy to understand. I took lessons from a local music store for 2 years and did not learn as much as I did after only one month of lessons from Darrin. Darrin has a great sense of humor and is very fun to be around. He is willing to take many differnt aproches to help you understand what your working on. Unfortantly I had to stop lessons for awhile due to my work schedual, but I will be back!
Thanks Darrin,

My lessons at “Got Chops?” have been extremely beneficial to my guitar playing in all aspects.  Having tried teaching myself with books and DVD’s, and having a different guitar instructor teach me from other books, I feel that the lessons & curriculum at “Got Chops?” is superior to other guitar instruction methods in many ways.  Instead of simply teaching songs by other artists, or teaching from books authored by other people, guitar instructor Darrin Goodman took the time and effort to create his own curriculum that he changes and tailors to each of his students, whether they are aspiring Guitar Gods or simple hobbyists.  He teaches both guitar techniques and music theory, something that many other instructors won’t teach.  While he does teach some songs by other artists, he specifically selects certain songs because they make learning certain guitar techniques more interesting.  I strongly encourage anyone that plays guitar or bass, beginner or advanced, to take lessons at “Got Chops? Guitar Services” J. Macias, Harrisville UT

Very simple and to the point, Darrin is very knowledgeable and experienced. Makes learning fun, but productive. Paul C, Ogden, UT

Rockin' Guitar Teacher‎. Ive been taking lessons from Darrin for about a year. I am a slow learner with the guitar, eventhough I played the flute for 12 years, this has been very hard for me! Darrin has been patient with me. My daughter took lessons from another teacher and I feel that Darrin taught her much more than the other teacher did! Darrin understands the guitar well and teachers well(I am a teacher-one can do somthing well and NOT TEACH IT WELL). Darrin has a unique way of teaching and is always prepared to teach you somthing. He has a great curriculum to teach beginners and im sure that he would do great at teaching more advanced players. If anyone is searching for a guitar teacher Darrin is your man! Erica B, Kayesville UT

Keeps it interesting. Been taking lessons for about 18 months, still enjoying and geting better, what more can you ask? Tony H, Hooper UT

Great place to learn the guitar. Been using GOT CHOPS? Guitar Services for about 2.5 years now. Darrin is an excellent teacher. He has my 11 year old son progressing through some arrangments that many teenagers/adults are not working on yet. Darrin is very good at accessing the students level of play potentional for advancement through more difficult arrangments. His self made curriculum and teaching aids are invaluable to the learning experience. He is an accomplished musician that has played in a number of local bands. He can play/teach accoustic, electric, and bass guitar. Bottom line...Would I recommend him to anybody looking to learn the guitar?.....ABSOLUTELY!! Christopher D, Layton UT

i have had a really great time at "Got Chops Guitar Service" i learned a lot and i had funn learning it too. Derrin is very patient with you and will work with you if you have any questions or just dont understand it. I've been going to "Got Chops" for 3 years now and i am WAY better than when i started i have accoplished alot!(: he even helped me write a song and recorded it into a soundtrack(: Marina C, Ogden UT

I've been taking lessons at Got Chops for several months now. Darrin continues to take my playing to the next level with each lesson. He is very knowledgeable and has developed his own easy to follow curriculum. I would greatly recommend Got Chops to anyone looking at learning how to play Guitar. Bryan C, Willard UT

I am 35 years old and have no musical talent. My wife purchased lessons for me for christmas. I can now play a handful of my favorite songs. My kids think I am amazing. Darrin really knows his stuff. He has a lifetime of experience and it shows. Just watching him makes me want to play better. I would recommend Got Chops to anyone wanting to fulfill their dream of playing the Guitar. Casey M, West HavenUT

I have been taking lessons from Darrin for about 2 months now. I am what is known as a "Senior Citizen", especially just taking lessons now. I have had a guitar for many years, but tried to use a book to teach me how to play. Deciding to take lessons from Darrin was a great decision. I only wish I had started sooner, but you never know, I might live to be 100. Darrin is an excellant instructor, and really has a great deal of patience with me. He always takes time to make sure I understand what he is teaching me. I was looking on the internet for an instructor, and was greatly impressed by his ability. He can sit and hum a tune, or strum his guitar, and write the chords and notes for a song he want's me to learn. I would definitely recommend Darrin as an instructor for all ages!!!!! Don P, West HavenUT

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